Gametalk is a all things gaming podcast, The host Jeremy along with members of the ASA (A Skyrim Addict) community joined together to talk over gaming in general. This is the first podcast by ASA Podcasting to not a have game specific setting. As you may know and you’ll learn by listening Plug and Play Gamer’s very own Zach is a member of the ASA community hence its tab on this site. For convenience we’ve embedded a STITCHER player below that you can listen to the episode easily on from our site.



ASAPodcasting grew from an addiction to Skyrim, and a desire to continue hearing other people’s stories from the game, as well as, sharing my own. From there, several people joined the show and or started their own, like Andrew from The Roundtable and Ben from Skyrim Addict Academy. Other regulars include Colin, Victor, Juan and Jeremy, plus a cast of others who have guested. ASAP currently includes: Skyrim Addict (Elder Scrolls), The Fallout Feed (Fallout 4), GameTalk (General Gaming) and The Chatter Box (Pop Culture).