Butcher Review | Dead and Loving It

What is going on in there?!?” I barely heard my concerned family member over the industrial music, chainsaws, and screams as another jet-packed foe met a fiery death after a well placed shotgun blast.  Nearly at the stage exit, I groaned as my character was ambushed in a cross-fire. No matter, I quickly re-spawned at the … Read moreButcher Review | Dead and Loving It

Take Flight from the Mundane with Aaero | Review

I don’t have time to game. We’ve all said it, I certainly have. Life gets busy, a million things to do, and we let our favorite leisure activity drop to the side. Here’s the thing though, taking a break and playing a video game will ultimately make you more productive, and help you do those … Read moreTake Flight from the Mundane with Aaero | Review

Many Major Announcements From PlayStation Experience 2016

If you didn’t happen to be in Anaheim, California this weekend, or have time to watch the PlayStation Showcase, you missed a TON of thrilling announcements. But don’t worry, TheButtonSmashers.com has your back, and we’ll get you up to speed in a hot minute. Let’s dive in! Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite The crowd at PSX went … Read moreMany Major Announcements From PlayStation Experience 2016

HyperX Cloud Stinger

We’ve been talking about HyperX for years, but they have always had a price tag that some people can’t afford, well we are proud to announce with HyperX the newest Economically priced quality gaming headset. Introducing the HyperX Cloud Stinger being sold for $50 USD or cheaper it is by far cheaper than it’s other Cloud … Read moreHyperX Cloud Stinger

Escaping the Inquisition in “Yesterday Origins”

Pendulo Studios might ring a bell to some of you who are into adventure games – they have a pretty large portfolio and over twenty years of experience. Their latest offering, Yesterday Origins, is set to release on the PlayStation 4, XBOX One, and PC on October 13. I was given the opportunity to play through … Read moreEscaping the Inquisition in “Yesterday Origins”

Lifeless Planet-Stroll With a Spaceman

I understand that even at twice the speed of light, your journey will take fifteen years? That’s right. We’ll be traveling so fast, our spacecraft will arrive before the transmission of this interview does. But, it’s still such a long trip, we’ll be put into sort of…coma…our heart rates will be slowed dramatically, to minimize aging during … Read moreLifeless Planet-Stroll With a Spaceman

Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 1 Review

Plenty of video games have given us the chance to don the Dark Knight’s cowl before, most recently the excellent Arkham series. But with Batman: The Telltale series, we finally get to spend some time with the man behind the mask, Bruce Wayne. Telltale’s story brings us in early in Bruce’s career as the Dark … Read moreBatman: The Telltale Series Episode 1 Review