Hob Release Date Announced!

Ever since we first stumbled onto this remarkable looking action exploration game at PAX 2015, we’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of Hob. Well, the wait is almost over! Today Runic Games (creators of Torchlight and Torchlight II) announced that Hob will be released on PlayStation 4 and PC on September 26! Pre-order Incentives Those who … Read moreHob Release Date Announced!

Why “Mega Man Legacy Collection 2” Feels Incomplete

While the announcement of Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 only felt inevitable given the success of the first collection, this new package feels a bit incomplete to me. This time we are getting treated to Mega Man 7, MM8, MM9, and MM10, but where is Mega Man’s other 16-bit outing? Mega Man & Bass (originally released in 1998 in Japan on the … Read moreWhy “Mega Man Legacy Collection 2” Feels Incomplete

Nintendo Switch Online in 2018: Prices & More!

Initially, Nintendo said that its online services for the Nintendo Switch would be free until the fall of 2017, but the company has finally shared some more details on the subject. According to an update on Nintendo’s website, the online services will continue to be free until sometime in 2018, after which gamers can continue … Read moreNintendo Switch Online in 2018: Prices & More!

Radeon’s Vega GPU is (Sort of) Coming in June

For a while now we’ve known that AMD’s new flagship GPU, powered by the 14nm Vega architecture, was set to release sometime in the first half of 2017. Tech analysts had suspected a formal announcement at Computex (May 30 – June 3), followed by a release sometime in June, but as it turns out that’s … Read moreRadeon’s Vega GPU is (Sort of) Coming in June

Save Big with May Madness at Bundle Stars!

It’s May Madness over at Bundle Stars with deep discounts on hundreds of Steam titles! Gamers can save an extra 5% by entering the promo code MAY5 during checkout! Here’s a quick highlight of some of the awesome deals available this week!: BioShock (-75%) BioShock 2 (-75%) BioShock Infinite (-76%) Borderlands (-75%) Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition … Read moreSave Big with May Madness at Bundle Stars!

Radeon RX Vega is Coming…In Extremely Limited Numbers!

For quite some time now, PC gaming enthusiasts have been talking about AMD’s “Vega” line of GPUs. Last year, there was speculation at several tech sites that Vega would make its first appearance as the theoretical RX 490 graphics card. However, as time went on it became quite apparent that AMD had no plans to … Read moreRadeon RX Vega is Coming…In Extremely Limited Numbers!

What the Switch?…A Retail Experience

When the Nintendo Switch was first announced last fall, I thought it was a nifty looking device although I wasn’t sure that I’d rush out to buy one on release day. I made the decision not to pre-order the console, but as March 3 approached I decided I did want to pick one up. I … Read moreWhat the Switch?…A Retail Experience

1979 Revolution: Black Friday Proceeds To Be Donated To ACLU

Independent development studio iNK Stories is a diverse group of ethnic, national and religious members. iNK Stories, including a significant few from Iran, firmly believes that its the responsibility of the larger art and entertainment community to unite in solidarity against policies that are inhumane, unjust and un-American. The gaming industry has tremendously benefited from the ability … Read more1979 Revolution: Black Friday Proceeds To Be Donated To ACLU

PlayStation Plus free games for November

As you ponder this month’s choices for PlayStation Plus, you may wish you had better options to vote for the use of your gaming time. Surely there was a better candidate available in the pool of games out there? Alas, fellow Plus subscribers to the PlayStation Nation, these may not be the games we wanted, but these … Read morePlayStation Plus free games for November