Portland Mercury launched BetaCon this weekend, billed as Oregon’s first major video game and technology expo. BetaCon’s mission is to bring together gamers, technology fans, educators and innovators. As in most conventions, there were many panels hosted and filled by leaders in the industry. One notable panel on the first day had Olympic athlete Ashton … Read more

Many Major Announcements From PlayStation Experience 2016

If you didn’t happen to be in Anaheim, California this weekend, or have time to watch the PlayStation Showcase, you missed a TON of thrilling announcements. But don’t worry, TheButtonSmashers.com has your back, and we’ll get you up to speed in a hot minute. Let’s dive in! Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite The crowd at PSX went … Read moreMany Major Announcements From PlayStation Experience 2016

Five Gems From PlayStation Experience 2016

Earlier I covered some of the major announcements coming out of PSX16 (PlayStation Experience 2016), and while big budget titles like Last of Us Part II and Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite are very exciting, Sony also showcased many smaller indie titles on the convention floor that I am excited to share with you. Just because … Read moreFive Gems From PlayStation Experience 2016

The World of Incremental Upgrades (XBOX Scorpio, etc.)

The recent announcements about the XBOX One S and the “Project Scorpio” at this year’s E3 made me start reflecting a lot on the way console technology is really starting to mirror the PC gaming field. And, ultimately, it makes sense: back in the early-2000s the PlayStation 2 and XBOX were getting touted as being … Read moreThe World of Incremental Upgrades (XBOX Scorpio, etc.)

PlayStation E3 Experience 2016


The queue to get in
The queue to get in

For the third year in a row, I was excited to attend the PlayStation E3 Experience. Along with several hundred other excited PlayStation gamers, I waited outside one of 85 theaters in US, Canada and Latin America for the PlayStation E3 Press Conference to be broadcast live from E3 in Los Angeles. As 6pm PST neared, the long line began to move as our IDs were checked and we were issued a VIP badge (more on that later) and a big plastic theater cup with the PlayStation E3 Experience logo.



Inside the theater, the crowd buzzed happily as a countdown clock ticked down in the corner of the screen, and then as the feed went live to LA, the crowd hushed as a slender man with long hair and a goatee walked silently out on the stage.

He raised his hands, and the house lights suddenly illuminated the orchestra below him. Finally I recognized him as Bear McCreary, composer of Battlestar Galactica, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Walking Dead, as well as several video games such as Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. He began conducting, and for several minutes while the screen behind him remained blank we enjoyed grand, swelling music punctuated by a male choir singing a guttural, harsh tune. Although I had never heard this composition before, there were elements or refrains that sounded familiar…could it be…?

In a theater, watching a theater. Inception?
In a theater, watching a theater. Inception?

Finally the curtains parted behind Bear and the words “Sony Computer Entertainment presents” appeared. A young boy on the screen was instructed to pick up a knife by a man in the shadows. The man stepped forward, revealing a full beard and red paint on his face…Kratos! The crowd in our theater erupted in cheers at the revelation of a new God of War game.



A few more highlights of the press conference:

  • A trailer and gameplay footage of Days Gone. Imagine if Last of Us and Sons of Anarchy had a baby, and were chased out of the hospital by hordes of zombies from World War Z.
  • Finally, a release date for The Last Guardian: October 25, 2016!
  • A grimy, frightening trailer of someone escaping a decayed house that was revealed to be Resident Evil 7 Biohazard to be released next January for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR
  • Speaking of PlayStation VR, Batman: Arkham VR and Battlefront: X-wing VR Mission were both announced. X-Wing looks great!
  • Final Fantasy XV will also have VR support.
  • The crowd went nuts for an Insomniac PS4 exclusive Spiderman game.
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn continues to look impressive, as today we say the heroine take down a corrupted mechanical beast with a variety of tech enhanced arrows and traps.
  • Crash Bandicoot 1, 2, and Warped will be remade “from the ground up” on PS4
  • LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens FULL DEMO is available now!

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Check out the 2015 Nintendo Holiday Experience!

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Plug and Play Ep. 58 Pax Prime Special Disc 2 of 2

Subscribe on iTunes     Subscribe via RSS What To Expect In This Episode: This weeks we conclude our coverage of PAX Prime 2015 and all that we experienced. Listen to first hand interviews and impressions of games and tech that Zach and Tim both got to talk with the developers about and play. Items Discussed This Week: … Read morePlug and Play Ep. 58 Pax Prime Special Disc 2 of 2

Gigantic First Impression

We had the great pleasure of meeting up with Motiga the developers behind Gigantic again this year at PAX and checking in on there creation that is now nearing closed BETA and hopefully launching Q1 next year. If you aren’t familiar with Gigantic it’s easily explained as a FPS MOBA. The nice thing about this … Read moreGigantic First Impression

Radiant Entertainment First Impression

Radiant Entertainment is another developer I had the great pleasure of meeting while hanging out in the Indie Megabooth of PAX Prime 2015. Radiant has two completely different titles they are currently working on and we will be talking about them both, the first title that I looked at was called “StoneHearth”. Stone hearth is … Read moreRadiant Entertainment First Impression