The Legend of Zelda

There I was, twelve or thirteen years old, in a quiet corner of a Sears department store. It was midday, and no one else was around the lone Nintendo kiosk with its strange rectangle controllers. As I picked up the now iconic but then alien controller, I had no idea my life was about to … Read moreThe Legend of Zelda

Hob Release Date Announced!

Ever since we first stumbled onto this remarkable looking action exploration game at PAX 2015, we’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of Hob. Well, the wait is almost over! Today Runic Games (creators of Torchlight and Torchlight II) announced that Hob will be released on PlayStation 4 and PC on September 26! Pre-order Incentives Those who … Read moreHob Release Date Announced!

Review No70: Eye of Basir

TITLE: “No70: Eye of Basir” DEVELOPER: Oldmoustache Gameworks PUBLISHER:  Artcom FZC GENRE: Horror Puzzle Adventure PLATFORM: Windows, HTC Vive PRICE: $9.99 USD RELEASE DATE: June 28, 2017   Quick Review Constant backtracking to pick up solutions for “puzzles” and a lack of save spots between chapters make this walking simulator a frustrating experience for those looking for a horror … Read moreReview No70: Eye of Basir

Butcher Review | Dead and Loving It

What is going on in there?!?” I barely heard my concerned family member over the industrial music, chainsaws, and screams as another jet-packed foe met a fiery death after a well placed shotgun blast.  Nearly at the stage exit, I groaned as my character was ambushed in a cross-fire. No matter, I quickly re-spawned at the … Read moreButcher Review | Dead and Loving It

Portland Mercury launched BetaCon this weekend, billed as Oregon’s first major video game and technology expo. BetaCon’s mission is to bring together gamers, technology fans, educators and innovators. As in most conventions, there were many panels hosted and filled by leaders in the industry. One notable panel on the first day had Olympic athlete Ashton … Read more

My Spirit Animal is a Teflon Coated Shark | Mr. Shifty Review

A single drop of sweat streaked down the side of the guard’s forehead. Gripping his rifle a bit too tightly, he trained the laser dot on the door ahead of him. Eight other red dots danced in a tight circle on the doorway, all placed there by the rest of his team around him in … Read moreMy Spirit Animal is a Teflon Coated Shark | Mr. Shifty Review

Take Flight from the Mundane with Aaero | Review

I don’t have time to game. We’ve all said it, I certainly have. Life gets busy, a million things to do, and we let our favorite leisure activity drop to the side. Here’s the thing though, taking a break and playing a video game will ultimately make you more productive, and help you do those … Read moreTake Flight from the Mundane with Aaero | Review

Plug and Play Ep.136 – Cappa Gun Killa

This week on Plug and Play Podcast we try out our newest podcast setup and become HD. Zach struggles with moving or not moving that is the question, Tim goes for a float in a cryo tube and searches for Ninjas while Zach decides to say screw house buying and selling I’m going to Hyrule. … Read morePlug and Play Ep.136 – Cappa Gun Killa