Plug and Play Ep. 155 – A hammock in the sun

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This week on Plug and Play Podcast we try to keep it simple as possible as both of us have worked insane hours. So this week we are a half hour broadcast. Tim hits up the local Fair with his kids to toss money at the little animals while stuffing himself with deep fried foods possibly. Zach on the other hands hits near 60 hours of work in 4 short but long days.  Tim is so over ran with exhaustion that he takes the kids on a easy/cheater Adventure Time Tuesday that leads to a search for the plastic card. Zach goes cruisin in a Cadi back to another beach and gets in on some Magic the Gathering fun during a awesome game night. We could go on and on and drag you through hell but lets say HellBlade does a better job at that and luckily we got our hands on it this week along with several other titles so come #PlugIn

Items Discussed This Week:

Tech Talk:



Tasty Brews Of The Week:

Tim – Mudd
Zach – Mudd


Zach – The Owl Tribe
Tim – FOMOcamera

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