HyperX is solid with the Alloy FPS

HyperX is solid with the Alloy FPS

HyperX just released their first Keyboard ever and I must say it lives up to the HyperX name. Announcing and NOW shipping the HyperX Alloy FPS Gaming Keyboard. This beautiful full size mechanical keyboard has a hands down superior space saving size that allows for gamers to maximize their gaming peripheral and action figure real estate.


But the size isn’t the only truly amazing feature of the Alloy FPS it also rocks a frame to accompany the name. The Alloy FPS is named after the Solid Steel Alloy frame that this keyboard is made of. Not only is the frame rock solid the keys are as well, when you look at a car people always ask what’s under the hood? Well us gamers should be doing the same. So what’s under the hood of the Alloy FPS? CherryMX Blue switches is what is under this hood backed with HyperX Red LED’s to give it the extra pop.

snapshot-1The CherryMX Blue Mechanical Switches not only give the keys all a nice subtle feedback feel to each click it also gives a audible click sound for each stroke. The Blue Switches weigh in at 50CN which is slightly firmer than the Red Switches but only by a tiny 5cn. I really enjoy the benefits of the Blue switches i.e. the audible feedback and the subtle feedback feel. The Alloy also comes with a key remover that enables you to remove all the keys easily for cleaning purposes and like you’ll see in the video below to add the special keys they had made that aren’t preinstalled. The Alloy FPS comes with 8 spare/replacement keys. Numbers 1 – 4 and W,A,S,D. You may be asking “What’s so special?” well each one of those keys is Red in color and W,A,S,D all have a texture to the top so you know your fingers are on the right keys all the time. Also they didn’t forget that all amazing PC parts come not only packed with LED’s but preset lighting effects and it kills it at that as well. Check out the video below for a full breakdown and demonstration of the effects if you’re interested.

In case you’re wondering here are the key features we just spoke of.

  • Compact design ideal for FPS gameplay
  • Solid-steel frame
  • Ultra-portable design with detachable cable
  • Cherry® MX mechanical keys
  • Convenient USB charge port
  • Game mode, 100-percent Anti-Ghosting and full N-key rollover functions
  • HyperX red backlit keys with dynamic lighting effects
  • Additional colored, textured keycaps for FPS gameplay

A few other small things that add value to this keyboard is the braided USB connector cord, and the mesh travel pouch bag because remember this is a Compact yet FULLY functional keyboard, hell I just typed this entire thing without missing a keystroke. So check out our unboxing/demo video below and since I know you want one also check the link below the video!

So as you saw in my video I loved the keyboard, and still do. I’ve been using it for roughly a week now and I’m loving every minute of it. It is an extremely comfortable keyboard, easy, and design wise it also looks amazing on my desk. So if you would like to get your very only Alloy FPS head on over to this link. Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing what you think of the Alloy FPS!