New Revelations for Hand of Fate 2 at PAX West

Hand of Fate was a critically acclaimed action role-playing  game from Defiant Development with roguelike and deck-building elements released in 2014. The player took the role of a nameless hero that meets a strange Dealer in a “cabin at the end of the world”. This dealer narrates the player’s adventure, dealing the game’s cards, rewards, penalties, lore, and commentary. He also serves as the primary antagonist for the game.



Hand of Fate 2 continues the story 100 years later, when the Dealer returns to exact his revenge. The new adventure will take place on a challenge map featuring 22 areas based on the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck.

The player will be helped by one of four companions, and this week at PAX West, one of the companions was revealed.  Colbjorn is a melee specialist, able to wield heavy weapons like axes and maces for strong physical damage. Some of the legendary heavy weapons will not be able to be used until the player completes enough tasks to raise Fame points.




Hand of Fate 2 will be released in the first quarter of 2017 on Xbox One and Steam.