Plug and Play Ep.106 – Almost Live


What To Expect In This Episode:

This week on Plug and Play Podcast….. Zach’s Father In Law comes to town… So well He has nothing BUT Tim on the other hand, throws a BBQ, Paints his house, Looks Into clouds for hours on ends and of course Sings Karaoke. OH and possibly this summers last Adventure Time Tuesday! Tim talks about Reigns while Zach tells us a Fable for the anniversarry as well as watch’s a Race.

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Items Discussed This Week:

Tech Talk:

Canon Vixia Mini and CT-V1

Tasty Brews Of The Week:

Tim – Barley Brown’s Headshake IPA

Zach – Barley Brown’s Headshake IPA


Zach – Doing the jump that almost killed Evil Knievel

Tim – Bones of the Coast

Question Of The Week!

Why aren’t Tim and Zach playing more video games

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