Episode 105 Tasty Treats- Martian Poop and Popcorn

Technically, Tim did have a beer for this week’s episode, but let’s talk about what he brought for Zach this week instead. It’s just more interesting.


First of all, Zach cracked open a bottle of Martian Poop, which turned out just to be a sweet fruit flavored soda. This turned out to be a good palate cleanser for the main event. Zach was presented with four bowls of colored popcorn and he had to guess what flavors they were.

Make sure to check out episode 105 to see how hilariously wrong he was. For the record, the flavors were: Dill Pickle, Sriracha, Mountain Dew, and Watermelon.

If you happen to live in the Vancouver, Washington area, you can pick up these tasty treats at Popcorn Cove.