Episode 104 Tech Talk- PlayStation VR demo

Episode 104 Tech Talk- PlayStation VR demo


This week, Tim and daughter got to check out the PlayStation VR at a demo at a local Best Buy. There were 5 experiences to choose from, and I say experiences because only 2 required a controller. The choices were Ocean Descent, Super Hyper Cube, Eve Valkyrie, Battle Zone, and Headmaster.


I chose Eve Valkyrie, and my daughter chose Battle Zone. Battle Zone was a very modern take on the Atari classic tank battler, where the player pilots a tank through a maze and shoots other tanks. My daughter found it challenging and fun, but made her stomach turn. She seemed fine afterwards.


Eve Valkyrie was a fast paced space combat flight simulator from the cockpit view. I liked dodging fire and getting enemy ships in my crosshairs, while having to pull up before crashing into the larger transport ships.


The VR helmet fit well, but I would have liked a little more time to try to adjust it before the demo because light was seeping in below my nose. The resolution of the screen seemed decent, although I could see individual pixels. Once the action started in the game, I wasn’t distracted by either issue any longer. There was a lot of motion in the game, and I did notice my stomach “dropping” when I did a barrel roll, but I didn’t feel nauseous or have any lingering effects after.


I had a lot of fun at the PlayStation VR demo, and I’m looking forward to October when I get my preordered unit. If you’d like to check out the demo yourself, go here and see if there is a Best Buy or Gamestop hosting the demo near you.

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