Episode 104 Tasty Treats- Citrus Mistress / Eagle Cap IPA

This week while recording episode 104, Tim and Zach tried two different brews, Hop Valley Citrus Mistress and Terminal Gravity Eagle Cap IPA


This seasonal IPA features 4 different hops with multiple flavors and aromas complimented with the addition of grapefruit peel. It creates a bouquet of citrus, peach and tropical fruits with enough Munich malt to produce a classic burnt orange color.

Zach found it refreshing, and could definitely taste the citrus flavors from the grapefruit peel.

ABV 6.5% | 80 IBUs


The new flagship. Eagle Cap IPA boasts grapefruit aroma while a robust backbone leaves a light bitterness.  Brewed with Citra hops, this IPA is perfect for the summer.

Grapefruit was definitely the theme for this week, although the flavor in this beer came from Citra hops, not actual fruit. This beer was very crisp thanks to the pure water from where it was brewed.

ABV 6.1% | 81 IBUs