Quick Look: “Dual Core” Brings More Twin-Stick Fun!

Somehow, I seem to have gotten into the whole crazy, twin-stick shoot ’em up genre of games, and this certainly was not intentional! It just seems like some of the more interesting small-studio games that have crossed my virtual desk in recent months have fallen into this category, and being a relatively equal-opportunity gamer, I have given them a try and most have been a lot of fun. Kick Ass Commandos was certainly an interesting, unique one I looked at not that long ago, but now I’ve got another fun offering!

Dual Core is a futuristic twin-stick shooter from Gray Fin Studios, having seen its full release on Steam on May 26, 2016. The game is set in 2147 on the Europa Space Station where two robots awaken from hibernation to find that the station has suffered a horrendous fate while they were in stasis. The two embark on a mission to blast a bunch of baddies (robots, aliens, and more!) and uncover what really befell the colony, but it seems as if staying alive will be the greater priority for them!

What’s neat about this one is that although the gameplay is pretty crazy and fun, really coming to a head in both the Arcade (pure SHMUP fun) and co-op gameplay modes, Dual Core also boasts a story mode that takes you on a mission to discover what led to the colony’s fate, complete with action and some fun RPG elements as well. So, even if you aren’t into co-op gameplay or pure action, there’s something for most players here.

Eventually, I may come back and do a gameplay sample of this one, but for now, I wanted to get some info out on it so you all can check it out! After all, it is only $9.99 on Steam!