Episode 99 Tasty Treats: Ashtown Brewing Bridge Bender IPA

TWO COUSINS WHO FOUND THEMSELVES ON A MAP IN BETWEEN TWO CRAFT BEER MECCAS “Ashtown was conceptualized on a cold morning around a homebrewing setup in Longview Washington by two cousins who found themselves on a map in between two craft beer meccas and knew something needed to change to bring good beer to a vacant … Read moreEpisode 99 Tasty Treats: Ashtown Brewing Bridge Bender IPA

Quick Look: “Minus Zero” Lock-on Action

Minus Zero is another crazy shooter game from Triangle Service that’s part of their Shooting Love 20XX compilation, this one having released on June 16, 2016. Yet, unlike some of the other games you may have seen from them, this one isn’t as much a shooter as it is a missile launching game. Basically, you must use your … Read moreQuick Look: “Minus Zero” Lock-on Action

Quick Look: “BUCK” Indie Pre-Alpha!

So far the PR Hound has never let me down when it comes to keeping me in the loop on some cool indie titles, and Wave Interactive’s BUCK is certainly no exception to this pattern. BUCK is a serious, dark, and grim indie adventure that isn’t due for release until Q2 2017, but thankfully I was given access … Read moreQuick Look: “BUCK” Indie Pre-Alpha!

Plug and Play Ep.98 – Zach Needs Bigger Pants

What To Expect In This Episode: This week Tim heads to Alaska to be one with the light. Zach helps plan a funeral and tries getting back into gaming. Tim talks about a guy sucking a Popsicle sexually and we rewind time to cover another thing we did this week that we forgot about! All … Read morePlug and Play Ep.98 – Zach Needs Bigger Pants

Quick Look: “Rescuties” is “Fire!” meets Babies

A little while back, I received an email from Charles Deck, developer of Rescuties, asking me if I’d ever heard of his game. Sadly, I had to answer no to that question, but he was very polite and told me about the game’s KickStarter campaign and even sent over a copy of the KickStarter Demo, even … Read moreQuick Look: “Rescuties” is “Fire!” meets Babies

Plug and Play Ep.97 – Pure Vanilla

What To Expect In This Episode: This week we’re back on schedule! E3 is upon us and we’ve got a lot to get excited about this week! Tim hits up PlayStation Experience, Zach catches up on neglected work and yard stuff. Tim gets in a good handful of games and drops a VR surprise on … Read morePlug and Play Ep.97 – Pure Vanilla

The World of Incremental Upgrades (XBOX Scorpio, etc.)

The recent announcements about the XBOX One S and the “Project Scorpio” at this year’s E3 made me start reflecting a lot on the way console technology is really starting to mirror the PC gaming field. And, ultimately, it makes sense: back in the early-2000s the PlayStation 2 and XBOX were getting touted as being … Read moreThe World of Incremental Upgrades (XBOX Scorpio, etc.)

PlayStation E3 Experience 2016


The queue to get in
The queue to get in

For the third year in a row, I was excited to attend the PlayStation E3 Experience. Along with several hundred other excited PlayStation gamers, I waited outside one of 85 theaters in US, Canada and Latin America for the PlayStation E3 Press Conference to be broadcast live from E3 in Los Angeles. As 6pm PST neared, the long line began to move as our IDs were checked and we were issued a VIP badge (more on that later) and a big plastic theater cup with the PlayStation E3 Experience logo.



Inside the theater, the crowd buzzed happily as a countdown clock ticked down in the corner of the screen, and then as the feed went live to LA, the crowd hushed as a slender man with long hair and a goatee walked silently out on the stage.

He raised his hands, and the house lights suddenly illuminated the orchestra below him. Finally I recognized him as Bear McCreary, composer of Battlestar Galactica, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Walking Dead, as well as several video games such as Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. He began conducting, and for several minutes while the screen behind him remained blank we enjoyed grand, swelling music punctuated by a male choir singing a guttural, harsh tune. Although I had never heard this composition before, there were elements or refrains that sounded familiar…could it be…?

In a theater, watching a theater. Inception?
In a theater, watching a theater. Inception?

Finally the curtains parted behind Bear and the words “Sony Computer Entertainment presents” appeared. A young boy on the screen was instructed to pick up a knife by a man in the shadows. The man stepped forward, revealing a full beard and red paint on his face…Kratos! The crowd in our theater erupted in cheers at the revelation of a new God of War game.



A few more highlights of the press conference:

  • A trailer and gameplay footage of Days Gone. Imagine if Last of Us and Sons of Anarchy had a baby, and were chased out of the hospital by hordes of zombies from World War Z.
  • Finally, a release date for The Last Guardian: October 25, 2016!
  • A grimy, frightening trailer of someone escaping a decayed house that was revealed to be Resident Evil 7 Biohazard to be released next January for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR
  • Speaking of PlayStation VR, Batman: Arkham VR and Battlefront: X-wing VR Mission were both announced. X-Wing looks great!
  • Final Fantasy XV will also have VR support.
  • The crowd went nuts for an Insomniac PS4 exclusive Spiderman game.
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn continues to look impressive, as today we say the heroine take down a corrupted mechanical beast with a variety of tech enhanced arrows and traps.
  • Crash Bandicoot 1, 2, and Warped will be remade “from the ground up” on PS4
  • LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens FULL DEMO is available now!

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Quick Look: “Dual Core” Brings More Twin-Stick Fun!

Somehow, I seem to have gotten into the whole crazy, twin-stick shoot ’em up genre of games, and this certainly was not intentional! It just seems like some of the more interesting small-studio games that have crossed my virtual desk in recent months have fallen into this category, and being a relatively equal-opportunity gamer, I … Read moreQuick Look: “Dual Core” Brings More Twin-Stick Fun!