Episode 92 Tasty Treats- Ghost Runners and Trap Doors


This week we made two brewery stops as we recorded episode 92. The highlights of our visit to Ghost Runners Brewery was the Negative Split Stout and the 5K IPA. The Negative Split Stout was delicious, probably because it was brewed with local artisan chocolate and coffee beans!

The benefits of running a negative split – a slow first half and a fast second – are purely positive. Same holds true for this sophisticated seasonal brew. We add fresh local chocolate from Moonstruck Chocolate Co. to this already chocolaty stout, then heap in whole vanilla beans from Singing Dog Vanilla for big, rich, complex flavor.

6.8% ABV | 30 IBUs

We were also very impressed with Ghost Runner’s 5K IPA. It was bold, refreshing, and had a lot of flavor.

Dedicated to all those who put their toes to the start line and never look back. A bold bitter Northwest IPA with notes of pine, orange and grapefruit.  The perfect beer after a workout of any kind.

6.4% ABV | 95 IBUs

Moving to Trap Door Brewing, Zach enjoyed another stout brewed with the addition of coffee beans, this time from Paper Tiger Coffee. Tiger Trap Coffee Stout was the favorite for this location for its rich smoothness.

After a great deal of coffee research, we’ve partnered up with Paper Tiger Coffee Roasters to create a perfectly blended stout. Dark roasted barley with hints of chocolate and coffee combined with our favorite coffee delivers a smooth creamy stout with a nice little kick of coffee.

ABV:6.3% | IBU:45

Meanwhile, Tim finished out the rest of the recording with Trap Door IPA. While perfectly drinkable, it was hard to come up with any distinguishing notes for this one.

Introducing Trap Door’s IPA! This may very well be our flagship IPA. We’ve added Cascade, Citra, and other locally grown hops that will keep your tongue dancing the tango. Experience the hints of fruity aromas and balanced bitterness that promise to please IPA enthusiasts with each sip. This is a medium bodied IPA that doesn’t compete for your attention, but gets it none the less. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

ABV:7.1% | IBU:71

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