Episode 89 Tasty Treats- Log Splitter Imperial IPA and Zech Bavarian Hefe-weisen

This week the Plug and Play crew got their beer passports stamped at Mill City Brew Werks in downtown Camas, Washington. The brew pub was furnished well, the brewing equipment was spotless, and the pretzel we had was delicious.

We wish we could say nice things about the beer.

First we sampled Zech Bavarian Hefe-weisen:

The Zech Bavarian Hefe-Weizen natural cloudy beer is one of our brewery’s best selling products. Specifically cultivated, top-fermented yeast gives it its unmistakable character: sparkling mild and fruity with a delicate yeast flavor. The eye is immediately drawn to its gleaming yellow/orange color, its uniform cloudiness and the large head. The unfiltered brewing method allows it to retain its natural authenticity along with the many vitamins, minerals and trace elements. A heavy banana aroma with hints of cloves on the finish.

Pay attention to that last sentence. Bananas and cloves. Now that sounds like a novelty cigarette or vape juice flavor to me, but sadly that is exactly was what our beer tasted. If that sounds good to you, there’s still a couple of half finished pints we left behind, you are welcome to them.

ABV 5.5 | IBU 11

Next we tried the Log Splitter Imperial IPA:

Smooth full body with high hop flavor.  A recent American invention created by microbrewers pushing the envelope with strong beers. A very hoppy, high alcohol strong ale approaching barley wine in strength, but without the maltiness of barley wine.

This beer met our palates well initially, but then we found our heads cocked to one side; something is missing. This one note beer is all hop promise in the front, no finish to speak of. Not terrible, but under-developed, leaving us wanting.

ABV 10.0 |  IBU 100

Part of the fun of trying new things is never knowing if you’ll get something awesome or be left disappointed. Sadly, our visit to Mill City Brew Werks was the latter.

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