Old Town Shanghai’O India Pale Ale

While wondering through the isles of my local Costco store I stumbled upon a hauntingly good looking beer. The Old Town Shanghai’O India Pale Ale. Upon picking out my bottle and chilling it for several hours at home I cracked it open and let my taste buds run wild while playing some Stardew Valley. Brewed at 15.0 Gravity and 6.5% Alc by Volume this tasty treat went down well. The first things my taste buds recognized were the aggressive hops that flooded my tongue, with hints of citrus and grapefruit and a slight floral zing this is a delicious and well recommended Indian Pale Ale.


The bottle describes it as “Brewed in homage to Portland’s infamous Underground history, this ale is designed to captivate your senses. Medium-bodied with a balanced malt backbone, grapfruity aroma, and notable bitterness.”

This and more describes my intial reaction to this delicious late afternoon tasty treat.