No Fooling; Nintendo releases their first mobile app

April 1, 2016–the historic day that Nintendo launched their first mobile app in North America. Miitomo launched today on Google Play and the Apple appstore, and it’s “free to start” But what is it? A game? A life simulator? A dress up game? A messaging app?

As you’ll see in the Quick Look below, Miitomo is a social app that lets you customize your Mii, answer questions about yourself, and trade answers with “friends” you connect with in person, Facebook, and Twitter. Miitomo also lets you dress up your Mii with a wardrobe you can buy in the shop (here’s where in-app purchases come in), and pose your Mii with various expressions, animations, and custom backdrops, take pictures, and post to social media.


Is Miitomo for you? Hopefully this video will help you decide, and you can always just download Miitomo for free and decide for yourself.

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