Episode 86 Tech Talk- Ring Video Doorbell

I’ve mentioned the Ring video doorbell on previous podcasts, but I feel it was worth expanding upon in this week’s Tech Talk. The Ring replaces your home’s doorbell, and when motion is detected, records 720P video and notifies all the mobile phones paired with the device. I can be in a different city, receive a notification on my phone, and see who is at my front door. This is possible because the Ring is connected to my home’s wi-fi signal.


Not only can I see who is at my front door, I can talk to them through my phone. This is great when I’m on vacation, I can speak with solicitors (or a burglar casing the house), giving the impression that I’m home. And, in the event of a burglary, any video captured is stored in the cloud for me to retrieve. Since I order a lot of games and tech online, it’s great to be able to know when a package has arrived on my doorstep, and be able to call my neighbor to grab it for me if I can’t get home right away.

The android and apple app used to interface with Ring has come a long way since it launched (I was a day one adopter). Two of my favorite features are selectable motion detecting zones and remote call activation. Selectable motion detecting zones allows you to “shut off” motion detection in certain areas in the field of view of the camera. This is essential if your home faces a busy street or sidewalk. Remote call activation lets you peek at what’s going on at your doorstep, even if no motion is currently detected. I used this once from bed when I heard a loud crash outside. The app has many other features and adjustments, but the two I mentioned are the most recent refinements.


There are other front door video monitoring systems out there, but at the $200 price point, it’s hard to recommend any over the Ring. I’ve been very happy with the security and convenience the Ring has added to my daily life, and I do recommend it often to family and friends.


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