Piracy Deals a Brutal Punch To Punch Club


We all know piracy especially in PC gaming is nothing new, but developer Tiny Build is speaking out on it. Coming off of the celebration of selling 300,000 units of Punch Club they also are releasing the numbers for piracy as well. As for many surpassing 300k sold is something to get really excited about, but when you compare it to the number of known pirated copies you’ll see why piracy can have a devastating affect on smaller publishers.

You may be curious how they get these numbers, and the answer all lies in the code. Like many publishers Tiny Build planted analytic coding into all versions to gather regional coordinates and to see if it’s pirated or legitimate. The findings are devastating to people who love games and developers like Tiny Build that work off the success of their previous titles.

So the here is a quick run down on the facts.

  • Punch Club alone has been pirated 1.6 Million times
  • 1,137,000 on PC/Mac/Linux
  • 514,000 on Mobile
  • 90% of mobile Piracy is on Android devices
  • When released in Brazil and Portuguese activations exploded but not in sales
  • Punch Club appeared on torrents within hours of launch
  • For every sale on PC there are 4 pirates
  • For every Android sale there are 12 pirates
  • For every iOS sale there are 2 pirates

If you want to see a better breakdown of piracy vs. sales just look below at the numbers released bu Tiny Build CEO Alex Nichiporchik.

If you would like to learn more about this topic you can head over to the Press release by Alex on this topic on TinyBuild.com. The cold hard truth is that piracy is real, devastating, and ugly. Think of this next time you’re cruising a torrent site, not only are you hurting the developer but you’re hurting the industry in whole. Not every developer out there can make it on their own, and even less can make it with pirates working against them.