Episode 85 Tasty Treat: Loowit Shadow Ninja IPA

Back at our favorite brewery, we introduced our listeners to the newest member of the team. And what better beer to toast this monumental occasion than one of our past favorites, Loowit Brewing’s Shadow Ninja IPA.

Swift and silent, full of flavor. This skilled, shadowy master of IPAs will take you by surprise yet honorably leave your palate intact. Aggressive late hop additions tempered with a stealthy, fleeting bitterness make Shadow Ninja IPA a formidable and respectable beer.

I think the three of us would agree, that while full of hoppy flavor, shadow ninja goes down smoothly, like the hilt of a katana into a foe. Cheers to Loowit for a great brew!

ABV: 7.2%, IBU: 75


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