Episode 84 Tech Talk- Polar H7 and AZ Screen Recorder


After some difficulty at the gym last week, I (Tim) decided the best strategy would be to monitor my pulse and try to stay in the target zone. Although generally happy with his Sony SmartWatch 3, one of the features it lacks is a heart rate monitor. After some research,I decided on the Polar H7 Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Sensor. There was not much setup out of the box, just adjusting the strap to my chest, moistening the contact points into the center, and snapping the unit onto the strap. Pairing via Bluetooth to my phone was easy, but I wanted to be able to read my pulse on my watch. I wasted a lot of time with several fitness apps that A. Supported Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitors and B. pushed data to Android Wear (my watch), until I came up with a much simpler solution. Downloading the tiny “Hekori Heart Rate” Android Wear Watch Face allowed me to instantly see my heart rate data, without all the menus and button pressing to get a fitness app to display the same information. My setup works flawlessly, and I have been able to take a quick peek at my pulse, focus on breathing or slowing down, allowing me to work out more efficiently.



Meanwhile, Zach was enjoying a mobile game called Alto’s Adventure, and he wanted to share it with the Plug and Play audience. After researching a while on the Google Play, he came across AZ Screen Recorder. This full featured app not only allows you to capture what is playing on your mobile screen, but also allows the user to use the phone’s microphone and camera to record narration or reaction. The camera window can be moved around the screen, and a transparent overlay is on the user’s screen to control the recording. You can see AZ Screen Recorder in action in Zach’s Let’s Play video below.


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