“Blood Knights” – Taking a 2nd Bite of this Action-RPG!

Since this is my first post here at Plug and Play Gamer, many of you probably don’t know that I had started a Let’s Play series on Blood Knights earlier this year. However, I came to the realization that a lot of that run was highly inefficient and that I missed a ton of stuff along the way. I missed several Blood Coins, for example, and even with the ones I got, I didn’t ever use them to unlock the attribute upgrades that collecting five of them yields. Also, I rarely used any of my more advanced vampiric abilities to help out in battle, which explains why I had trouble with a few difficult spots.

So, I got rid of the old videos and I’m taking another stab at this one! In this first video, I go through the first three chapters of the game, which sees our hero Jeremy (odd name for a medieval crusader!) go from leader of a vampire hunting company of soldiers to one of the undead, seeking to reclaim the Blood Seal and restore balance to a broken world. We venture from some ancient ruins in the Middle East to Romania, heading to the town of Godskeep and then deep within the Godskeep Cleft forest, hunting a dangerous vampiress called Blood Fox in order to bring her to justice and gain the trust of the locals, who can open the path up into the Trail of Noah. The video ends with us reuniting with our priestly friend from our former company, who tells us that he won’t trust our motives (we are vampires, after all), unless we head to Stormtop Chapel and bring him back the Relic of Light that’s hidden up there, as no true vampire would so rightly aid the Church.

Next time, we’ll venture to Stormtop and see what fun awaits us there. Thankfully, I already know where to go in the area after that, so it’ll be far less of a blunder!

Anyway, stick around folks – more gaming fun is on the way!