Episode 84 Tasty Treats-Loowit Brewing Storm Shadow Imperial IPA



This week, Tim stopped by Growler Rush for this week’s Tasty Treats. There was a dizzying array of choices, including a few past favorites like Ballast Point Watermelon Sculpin. A return trip is definitely in the future to try some of the other choices. What would a peanut butter porter taste like for example?

In deference to Zach and Tim’s gym commitments, only a 32 ounce growler was filled with a bold Imperial Stout from one of our favorite brewers, Loowit. The brewers describe Storm Shadow Imperial IPA:

Weak and uninspiring beers fall before this imperial master. Striding forth with intense hops and full malt body deftly intertwined in a deadly dance. Disciplined, unwavering and focused, Storm Shadow will strike without warning and eviscerate your palate.

We both agreed that this was a fierce IPA, not a beginner’s brew. Zach especially liked it, saying this was the kind of strong hopped IPA he enjoyed. Another fine tasty treat from Loowit!

ABV: 9.0%| IBU: 90+

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