Episode 81 Tech Talk- thingCHARGER

Episode 81 Tech Talk- thingCHARGER


My kitchen counter used to have a tangle of wires in the corner coming from multiple chargers for my phone, bluetooth, wife’s phone, etc. thingCHARGER gave me an elegant solution to tidy up and save some counter space. Going right over an existing power outlet, the tip at the top charged my Galaxy S5 faster than its original charger thanks to its 2 amp capacity. The tip also adjusts up to fit in the case I have on my phone.



In a few seconds, I can remove the thingCHARGER from the wall, switch tips and charge my wife’s iPhone 6. The thingCHARGER also has two USB slots underneath the unit, I can charge other items as needed without giving up the main plugs to chargers. I’m very happy with the straightforward but elegant design of the thingCHARGER, and I may just get a few more for around the house.


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