Vote for Assault Android Cactus for PlayStation Plus

Voters have a solemn duty.

A higher calling.

A difficult choice.

No, not who to pick for President, $#@% that! PlayStation Plus subscribers get to vote on one of their free games next month! Let’s take a quick look at the three choices:


Want to know more about these three games? What are you, some kind of informed voter or something? Here, shut up and watch these three videos. That should keep you busy for 6 minutes.

Alright, there you go. Choice pretty clear right? What, you still can’t decide? Are you from Florida or something? Fine, FINE, I’ll help you out.

Ok, first we have Action Henk. It’s tagline is Butt Slide to Victory. Moving on…

Broforce is pretty great if you have someone else playing with you. But it’s not nearly as good if you are in single player mode. Do you feel me, bro?


Your clear choice is the game that shines in single player OR up to 4 person multiplayer. Assault Android Cactus is getting my vote, and it should get yours, too. Who doesn’t love spunky synthetic heroes fighting hordes of enemies in a shifting environment with urgency thanks to a depleting energy bar? It’s fun switching between characters to try out different weapons, especially against the tough Section Lords (the boss of each level). Power-ups and spare batteries appear constantly, encouraging you to bob and weave between enemies, keeping you in a constant state of motion. It is a fast paced, fun game, and it’s even better with two players. I loved the game when it came out last year for Steam, and I hope many new PlayStation Plus subscribers will get to experience Assault Android Cactus.

Cast your vote via What’s New or the Notifications tab on your PS4 – or from the PlayStation Plus section of PlayStation Store. Votes must be cast by February 22, 2016, and you can change your vote as many times as you like until voting closes. The winner will be free for Plus subscribers, and the two games not chosen will appear a week later at full price.

Vote for Cactus!