Ep. 77 Tasty Treats-Chainbreaker IPA & Breakbeat IPA

6801811054_0e4955e683_bThis week, Zach returned to the pale embrace of Deschutes Brewery’s White IPA, the Chainbreaker, and found it as refreshing as last week. He even followed the pouring directions!

ABV 5.6 | IBU 55

Tim tried an experimental brew from Elysian, the BreakBeat IPA.

 Breakbeat drums to the rhythm of Mandarina and Equinox hops in the freshest Manic battle yet. Citrus spins on your palate and slices through the mellow notes of melon and green pepper.

While he enjoyed searching for the promised notes of green pepper, the flavors were all over the place, and he’ll probably go back to a more familiar IPA in the future.

ABV 6.8