The Magic of Zendikar Art Book

Hello and welcome to Zendikar, a land torn in war, death, mystery, and most of all beauty. We are going to be covering of course a book called “The Art of Magic The Gathering Zendikar” Published by Viz Media in collaboration with Wizards of the Coast. This whopping book weighs in at 3.9lbs and measures in at 10 x 1.1 x 11.2 inches which brings us to the most important page count, and like every amazing art piece is printed on high quality paper and in super high resolution. With this level of quality and detail you can see every tiny detail, which is amazing when there are 240 pages with full color illustrations. That’s right you read that 3.9lbs of amazing Magic the Gathering full 10 x 11 inch art work all for $39.99 U.S. MSRP and $45.99 CAN.

“As long as we have walked this world, we have known it as a harsh and unforgiving place, We live in an anfry world, and we are well acquainted with death.”

– The Invokers’ Tales

When reading through the numerous sections of the book I found myself reading into the images and gazing in to a distant land or a face of a battle weary face of a mystical race. The book starts by introducing the planeswalkers and the multiverse. Which explains the colors of Mana and how it works, if you are a Magic virgin I’ve attached a representation of the 5 main colors of Mana in Magic.


The next section of the book welcomes us to Zendikar, not only is the image gracing this opening page breathtaking it also shows the vast landscapes of Zendikar. The land of Zendikar seems to be alive and changing and this book takes you through it all in this entire book, but this section focuses on The Roil, which sends powerful tremors all over.

“The Roil is destructive but not random.
It’s Zendikar’s way of revealing secrets.”

-Ilori, merfolk falconer

The next section is “The Binding of the Eldrazi” which also has a follow up section later on called “Rise of the Eldrazi” in between these two sections are two other sections “Races of Zendikar” and then “Regions of the World”.

Below is a image of page 158 inside the “Regions of the World” section. As you can see the attention to detail and the massive size of the images as well on the pages.

Page 158 © 2015 Wizards
© 2015 Wizards

The second to final section of this massive masterpiece of art is called “A Zendikar Bestiary” inside this section you find images of all beasts inside Zendikar  all broken down into races of beasts, troll, orge, demon and so forth.

Below is  one of my favorite images in the entire book, Dragons are so fascinating and the amount of detail Wizards puts into it’s universe is hands down top of the line.

© 2015 Wizards
© 2015 Wizards

The final section in this giant 3.9lb book is the “Appendix: Finding Zendikar” which goes over different cards they may have touched on during the previous sections.

If you want to read more reviews on this title then please head over to the page for this great work of art on the art of Magic The Gathering: Zendikar, while you’re adding it to your shopping cart read some of the user reviews that have already been submitted from Magic fans like you and others who just enjoy the beautiful world they have created.

So what are you waiting for? Go head over there pick it up and dive head first in to Zendikar, just remember looks can be deceiving and battle lines are being drawn.