How PC Gamers Should Prepare for Holiday Season

megaPC-600x300So you got a crazy new gaming rig? Well you’ve came to the right place at the right time!

So as many of you know Black Friday is TOMORROW crazy right? Well with all the big deals and bundles going on in stores online retailers like and STEAM along with other competitors are also grasping for your attention. So with that said we are going to do our best to bring you up to the minute releases on what is changing on these sites and point out any and hopefully ALL the amazing deals coming this holiday season! So with that said! Lets get this going!

First lets start with the obvious IF you are a NEW PC gamer lets get you started with the must have STEAM account. Follow that link to and follow the quick tutorial images I made below!

Click On Upper Right Install Steam
Click On Upper Right Install Steam

Once Installed Follow Below!

So there you have it NOW you are a STEAM Powered Gamer! Welcome and enjoy the amazing deals all year long, especially Summer Sale and Winter Sales!

Along with Steam, Green Man Gaming is another PERFECT place for gamers to frequent and sign up for an account with. GMG as many call it often has 20% off coupons that work on ALL games.

So below I will walk you through that as well BECAUSE it’s free to be VIP with GMG! So head to GMG or

Well that’s all you need to know for now! But with Black Friday Tomorrow and the Christmas Season starting keep checking back now for all the crazy game deals On GMG and Steam! You are now Plugged In! Game on!