SteelSeries SIBERIA X300 & P300 Review


If you are looking for a comfortable and competitively priced and quality headset then we’ve came to the right review! The P300 & X300 brought to us by SteelSeries is bringing their A game in this new generation of Pro Gaming headsets.


Lets start off with what I realized right out of the gate, This headset is lighter than most headsets I’ve had the pleasure of gaming with, but with the weight in mind it feels very well constructed with a very stylish Pro Gamer tone and attitude to it.  The design of it as you can see is built around the suspension above the head rest. Helping give it the lightness after putting the headset on and wearing for a short period of time I forgot I was even wearing a headset.

Another luxury and welcomed addition to this headset is the memory foam ear cushions, these cushions feel like pillows being placed on your ears. While we’re on the topic of the ear cushions it can’t go without saying that the audio coming through them is rich and full with a powerful bass to add the extra realism to the explosions during a fire fight in your FPS, down to the little creeks in the floor during your favorite horror or exploration game. Although not as noise canceling as some previous headsets I’ve worn, you still feel surrounded by the scenario that is playing out on your monitor or television.


As with all pro gaming headsets the steel series comes with a built in mic, that is crisp and clear. The mic is a unidirectional so that it only picks up audio right in front of your mouth and not the background noise which is nice during a fast paced and hectic game. The other nice feature is that it’s retractable so when not gaming with friends, or chatting with other players you can quickly push it back in and not have the mic right in front of your mouth. (Now with that all said upon plugging in the jacks in the back of my PC I had to boost my mic sensitivity by 20% for my audio to register clearly on my friends end. I know this might just be me and my voice level, BUT I have been told I always talk to loud SO I’m assuming it’s not that. But after boosting the sensitivity I was back chatting and yelling among my peers in no time!)


Have you ever raged and threw your headset off in a blind rage? All us gamers have thrown something, and in a lot of cases that object has broke, With the Siberia series they have your back. Not only does the suspension help with the weight it also introduces a rage proof design. While most all other headsets are delicate to bend in different directions, Siberia by SteelSeries is built to last your rage game. The suspension isn’t just there for cutting weight but adding flexibility to help take whatever you can throw at it.


The nice thing about the X300 is it’s cross platform design, So buy the X300 for use on yur Xbox One then quickly switch it over to your PC and get it rocking, need to take a jog or hit the gym to let your rage game out? Plug the X300 into any mobile device and listen to your favorite music or Podcast (Plug and Play Podcast maybe?) Get a call while working out, jogging or just out and about? No Problem! Pull the mic out and answer your phone call in comfort.


One nice feature that the Siberia X300 has over the P300 is the Xbox One Adapter that conviently plugs in to the bottom of the Xbox One controller that gives you the ability to adjust the volume up and down, mute, and chat levels quickly on the bottom of your controller.


So whats the verdict?
From the roughly 2 months I’ve been using the SteelSeries Siberia X300 I’ve enjoy every moment of it in comfort. Unlike my previous headsets I can game for hours without the pain in my neck and shoulders from the weight resting on top of my head, The quality and range of sound that is produced by this headset is top notch and far superior to the other headsets I’ve tried out in the past. The Microphone setup at first for me was annoying as I had no idea what was wrong, but as soon as I boosted the sensitivity in the control panel on my PC it was amazing, and my friends said I sounded crisp and clean with little to know background noise.
The question I’m sure many of you are asking is it worth the price? The answer is simply yes of course it is, SteelSeries takes great strides in their Pro Gaming equipment, consulting with the Pro’s from the industry to meet their needs.


You can find the Siberia X300 & P300 on Amazon with the links below!

SteelSeries Siberia X300

SteelSeries Siberia P300