Radiant Entertainment First Impression

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Radiant Entertainment is another developer I had the great pleasure of meeting while hanging out in the Indie Megabooth of PAX Prime 2015. Radiant has two completely different titles they are currently working on and we will be talking about them both, the first title that I looked at was called “StoneHearth”.


Stone hearth is a 16-bit game that on the very top surface reminded me a lot of another 8 bit game already flourishing in it’s own right. BUT upon talking and seeing the game played I quickly learned that StoneHearth is a living breathing game. Not only do you control a whole village of people BUT there are day and night cycles that cause different events to be played out. Now like many of these “throw back games” as i call them for the nostalgia factor they bring out in me of my childhood, StoneHearth can be played in many different variations, you can build an under ground fourtress, you can build a thriving village like you see everywhere else OR you can build in the side of a mountain OR all three, or just go rough it in the woods if you’re into that sort of thing. Along with the gathering of materials to build, you need to harvest crops or growing livestock, you can hunt and trap as well to care for your villagers. You don’t technically play as one character but an overseer of them all.

The other Title that Radiant is putting out is something of the more sleek and as I would say “eye pleasing” fighter game called “Rising Thunder”

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Rising Thunder is a fighting game like we are all so used to, but you may be asking yourself what makes it so special? And you might be surprised if I told you this fighting game was built for the soul purpose of being PC friendly, not even friendly BUILT for PC users. Rising Thunder is the fighting game that instead of being ported to PC was built for it and only it. Along with the ease of keyboard that all PC gamers enjoy it also has the beautiful art style that some would call AAA, BUT instead of fighting other humans or super humans you battle robots.

As you can tell by these screen shots the colors are vibrant and the detail is amazing, and speaking from first hand experience I can say that the frame rate is not lost because of this.

IF you would like more information on either of these titles please head over to radiant-entertainment.com