Evergreen First Impression

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When I started planning for PAX 2015 It wasn’t my intention to find the next great indie game BUT that’s what was in store for me unknowingly. I stumbled into the Indie Megabooth as a time filler and left with so much excitement and confusion to why this 1 particular title struck a cord with me, that title is EverGreen.

Evergreen is a single player game that starts at the beginning of time and unlike other games where you live through out all time periods EverGreen makes you the center point on which the time periods and surrounding evolve from.

Starting the game you start as a seed, grow your root system then once you have a foundation, you grow your trunk and branches and leaves and so on.  Now you may be thinking you play as a tree? In short YES but not just any tree, you play as the tree of life. You grow your branches and choose to lose them to grow a coral reef, which invites deep see life to slowly grow nearer to the land, then you grow fruit that brings them from water and they breathe the fresh air you’ve supplied. As you can tell it takes a very “Spore” like approach to the gameplay, but where as in SPORE you play the creature in EverGreen you play the creator and bringer of life.

There will be two different game modes, Story Mode and Sandbox Mode. In story mode you live throughout history and see how your decisions on your tree take affect throughout that history, in Sandbox mode you have full reign to do whatever you like.

Walking away from the controller in that tiny section of the Indie Megabooth I found difficult I wanted to see how my tree impacted the environment and the wild life around it. From the beginning till the end I want to know if my world has butterflies or do I just have caterpillars that never transform, Do i have thriving cities or just roaming groups of humans. All is possible in EverGreen and it’s up to you the player to make the world as good … or as bad as you see fit. Will you help shield animals during the ice age or will you be destroyed during a drought.

All this and so much most caught my attention about EverGreen and thats 1 of the reasons why it was one of my top surprise games of PAX Prime 2015.

IF you want more info on EverGreen please head over to evergreenthegame.com