Pax Prime 2015 Wrap Up – The Year Of The Indie


Hey guys Tim and I just got back from Pax Prime 2015 and are here to wrap up what we saw and things we experienced. So before we go to much farther i’m here to let you know Tim and I will be writing articles on each game and thing we experienced and will be releasing them throughout the coming week or two SO if you were expecting this GIANT article on all of PAX we both decided it would be to over whelming and we both covered different events SO it wouldn’t make sense for 1 of us to write this huge recap for you, PAX Prime 2015 was a great show. It was full of surprises and honestly full of some disappointment from the AAA devs for us.

This year at PAX Prime it didn’t feel like the “big” guys really brought it, in fact Bethesda didn’t have a playable area for Fallout 4 or really any title, what they did have was a whole back wall to themselves and used it for photo booth stages. If you are curious to as what I mean look below.

As you can see they look cool but honestly nothing to exciting. But the things that were exciting was the smaller dev teams and the Indie guys, We had the great pleasure of talking with some of the Indie guys and smaller development teams about there upcoming games and getting a chance to actually play some, and for that PAX Prime 2015 to me was the year of the Indie.

So I bet you’re wondering well who the hell did you meet and what the hell did you play? GREAT question! We met with a ton of people over the 5 days we were at PAX So you will have to keep checking back to see who and what we saw just search for PAX PRIME 2015 In the search bar to find all article pertaining to this event!