Final Fantasy Sale you’ve been waiting for.


If Sony’s E3 annonouncement that Final Fantasy VIIĀ is going to be remade got you excited to go back and play some of the earlier titles in the series, today is your lucky day. The PlayStation store has a LOT of Final Fantasy titles on sale up to 50% off. There’s a few other great RPGs as well, like Chrono Trigger, Legend of Mana, and Tactics Ogre. Sadly, while many of these titles are crossbuy, none of them are playable on PS4; you’ll have to dust off your PS3 if you don’t have a Vita. Then again, with this many hours of cheap RPG goodness, maybe you should get a Vita?

Check out the sale here, complete list below, and highlights in the picture above. I’d love to hear what games you picked up from the sale in the comments below, and as always, check out the Plug and Play podcast for my expanded opinions on these and other games.


  • Crystal Defenders PSP $4.99
  • Thexder Neo PSP $4.99

PSP / PS Vita

  • Dissidia Final Fantasy $9.99
  • Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy $19.99
  • Final Fantasy III $9.99
  • Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection $9.99
  • Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions $4.99
  • Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together $9.99


  • Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII $14.99
  • Moon Diver $7.49
  • Thexder Neo $4.99
  • Crystal Defenders $4.99
  • Elevator Action Deluxe $4.99
  • Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster $14.99
  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 $9.99

PS3 / PSP / PS Vita

  • Chrono Cross $4.99
  • Chrono Trigger $4.99
  • Final Fantasy V $4.99
  • Final Fantasy VI $4.99
  • Final Fantasy VII $4.99
  • Final Fantasy VIII $4.99
  • Final Fantasy IX $4.99
  • Final Fantasy Origins $4.99
  • Final Fantasy Tactics $4.99
  • Front Mission 3 $2.99
  • Legend of Mana $2.99