Rocket League First Look

Have you ever thought of what it would be like to have a competitive team car game? Well you’re in luck! Rocket League is a game that you never knew you wanted but can’t live without now that it’s here. In this quick first look we are going to cover the main points of Rocket League.1417538836-rocekt-league-logo

What is Rocket League?

Rocket League is the true definition of Soc-Car. It combines the best part of soccer (football) and the crazy physic of low gravity mixed with RC cars. It’s basically what you would imagine if Rally Car racing and soccer had a secret love child.
The game is meant to be played online with other BUT does offer an offline mode as well, when asked about this game the developers don’t shy away from saying “we offer offline BUT this is meant to be played online”. The game features a 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and a 4v4 they call CHAOS mode. There is an exhibition mode and a ranked mode. For this review keep in mind I was in a group with 5 others and we played 3v3 exhibition matches with a BOT to fill in for the 3rd on a team.

The game features two teams a Blue team and an Orange team, when a match is started you are placed on a specific team. When the match starts each team rushes for the center of the field to “kickoff”. The thing that sets this apart from other plain soccer games is that the ball has a low gravity feel to it and kind of floats along and has a nice bounce to it.

Listed below are some of the main highlights that stood out to me are the graphics, although the graphics aren’t anything to brag about compared to Witcher or other big AAA titles on the market today they are nothing to bash on either. The ways they have detailed the customization of the cars are amazing and add a sense of personal flare to each car making it your own spin. The way in which you customize your “ride” is through the garage which is available from the main screen. Some of the main points of customization are car body, color, paint finishes, tires/rims, flags, hats, and for when you are boosting around the field you can have a custom “boost trail” for me I have money that flows from behind me. Another huge highlight that really makes this game stick out to me is the effect that happens upon a goal.


When a player scores a goal the ball explodes and sends all players flying away from the goal in which the goal was scored in. This effect is especially pleasing when you are driving the ball in and the opposing team is blasted away across the field upon their unsuccessful attempt to stop you.


O and another amazing point is unlike many competitive games Rocket League has 5 minute matches which make for an easy pick up and play game OR a game that makes it easy to get lost in.

Coming Soon will be a First impressions video done by our own Q so stay tuned to this article for that.