Last chance to buy PlayStation Mobile games.

Do you own a Vita?

Do you enjoy strange, quirky independent games?

Do you relish having rare games that no one else has?

If you can answer yes to these three questions, you have one day to explore the PlayStation Mobile store on Vita before Sony shuts down the store for good. Sony developed PlayStation Mobile as a crossplatform marketplace for Vita and some Android tablets and phones. Despite Sony’s best efforts to woo independent developers, the marketplace never caught on up against Google Play or the mighty Apple Appstore. On July 15, Sony will close PlayStation Mobile for good.

It’s too bad, too, because there are some truly weird and unique games available for as low as .49 cents. Even if you have no intention of buying but you own a Vita, I encourage you to browse this bizarre marketplace one last time while you still can.

Prevent joggers from crossing your lawn in Pixel Poop with charming Atari 2600 graphics. Play as Tuffy, the adorable Corgi jumping through a Tower of Bones. Have you ever wanted to be a flying cat that shoots fish while dodging women in bikinis? The Sexy Seashore has you covered. Personally, I couldn’t resist downloading the free dating sim, Don’t Die Dateless, Dummy!

I don’t want to give away all the surprises and strangeness you’ll find in the soon to vanish PlayStation Mobile store. I only have a few recommendations that you might actually want to buy. Keep in mind, if you do buy any of these games, if you ever delete them from your memory card, you can never download them again!

Oh Deer! Alpha is only .49 cents, and what other game lets you drift a station wagon through gory exploding deer with Rad Racer graphics? 8X10 is a great puzzle matching game, and Adventure Bar Labyrinth is a surprisingly fairly polished free roguelike RPG.

I hope you take the opportunity to poke around the oddity that is PlayStation Mobile before it goes away forever. As always, you can hear me talk about games like these as well as more mainstream games like Witcher 3 on the Plug and Play podcast.