Plug and Play Ep.42 – Peace Between Podcasts


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What To Expect In This Episode:

In this weeks episode Tim and Zach are joined by a new player by the name of Q. Zach and Tim and Q talk about bringing in a new editor to the site. And Zach breaks the website in the middle of the night THEN Q rebreaks it instantly! Tim’s wife was gone for the week so it was just him and the cat. We talk about Nintendo World Championship and the qualifying round locations. And discuss many other topics including if day 1 patches are just something we need to come to expect going into the future.

Items Discussed This Week:

Puzzle and Dragons Super Mario Bros edition
Peggle 2
Peggle 2


Nintendo World Championship Qualifying Round Locations
Nintendo World Championship Qualifying Round Locations

Tasty Brews Of The Week:

Zach – Southern Oregon Brewing Nice Rack IPA 

Tim – Ninkasi Ground Control

Q – Water


Tim –  Bill Nye wants to build a freaking spaceship: LightSail

Zach –  Arduboy

Q – The return of power stones (kinda)

Question Of The Week!

When you buy a game day one, have you come to expect giant patches or game breaking bugs?

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