WWE 2k15 PC Review

WWE 2k15 PC Highlights and Let Downs

Let me start off by saying that growing up in the early 90’s WWF was my life. I lived, breathed and dreamed of the WWF. From watching Stone Cold Steve Austin shower the ring with beer to him drinking a beer after a victory or The Undertaker sacrificing opponents on live television, Matt and Jeff Hardy DESTROYING other tag teams, Eddie Guerrero sneaking a cheap shot in while a ref is distracted and Chris Benoit flying through the air to deliver a devastating headbutt. This and so many more iconic memories come flashing to my mind as I think of the WWF and the transformation into the WWE.

With that said I haven’t been into wrestling and the especially the video games since roughly the time Brock Lesnar joined the first time! The game series as a whole seemed to loose the ability to choose your favorite OR make your own character and play a real story driven line. Back from WWF No Mercy on the N64 where you made a character and your choices literally moved you down a line with tons of options from a backroom brawl breaking out depending on your last match to if you ended up in a tag team OR what title you were gunning for. The thing that has always intrigued me with these games are the stories.

WWE 2k15 not only seemed to have a story BUT with my love for the NBA 2k series and the amazing hob they did over on that franchise I had high expectations of it being good almost as high as a TLC (Tables Ladders and Chairs)  match high. Now i’m not going to sit around and nit pick every little detail BUT I am going to give you bullet points for it and discuss them you can decide if this game sounds interesting to you or not.

The Pro’s

  • Graphics
  • Button Layout
  • The music
  • The attention to detail

The Graphics in WWE 2k15 are by far the most detailed graphics I’ve seen in a wrestling game, they are clean, well colored and detailed down to the tattoo’s on the wrestlers. The Button layout makes for a smooth transition between moves and makes it easy to get chain wrestling going from punching to throwing to slamming and then obviously using your finisher. The Music track in it is top notch as and 2k game is and makes listening to while playing more enjoyable. And again to mention the detail they have worked out each wrestlers physical appearance down to the detailed tattoo’s or makeup.

The Con’s

  • Terrible reversal button and timing
  • Lack of MyCareer Story line / unoriginal
  • Doesn’t seem to really have any appeal for me other than MyCareer
Starting From The bottom
Starting From The bottom

Even though I listed more pro’s i feel the con’s out weigh them easily for myself. The lack of a true story line was very disappointing as I’ve seen what 2k has done with such games as NBA 2k14 and NBA 2k15 the Mycareer modes in those two games left me wanting to replay them over and over again which i have NUMEROUS times, but for some reason 2k has dropped the ball on the Mycareer mode in WWE 2k15 and seems more second thought with typed dialogue and rarely any actual voice acting. I mean SERIOUSLY typed dialogue?!?!?! What is this the 90’s? I mean don’t get me wrong I loved the 90’s wrestling games and early 2000’s BUT at least have voice acting in a story mode! The storyline is very unoriginal IF you have played other sports games you start at the bottom as a rookie and work your way up BUT in this game it’s very linear in my 2 playthroughs I started in the same place and did all the same things even when i chose different responses to questions which make this even more annoying.  Another thing like most sports games for me I’m in it for the story and nothing else really, I’ve occasionally went online in NBA to play but not often, Like the other 2k games WWE doesn’t seem to have a draw for me other than the lack of a story mode and is disappointing that they don’t offer more than normal replay this historic match and this is how you have to finish it OR here you make a match up and play. Now I also know i said it had amazing button layout BUT what I didn’t mention was that the reversal button is R1 or something like that which isn’t to bad BUT the timing has to be so precise that it makes it extremely difficult, when I watched wrestling they did reversals all the time NOT so much in this game.

So that’s my review of WWE 2k15 stay tuned to thebuttonsmashers.com for my future review of NBA 2k15 and other great titles.