Plug and Play Ep.41 – Riding Velociraptors


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What To Expect In This Episode:

In this weeks episode Tim and Zach announce that will be be at a certain conference no matter if they get press passes or not. Zach recreates his war story for gaining the tickets, You’ll have to learn a bit more about it. Tim talks about Age of Ultron, and Zach starts an audio drama by the name of “We’re Alive” over again for the millionth time and convinced Tim to give it a shot. Zach retaliates to Q for not having a challenge this week by playing a song that compares Zach to Q. Tim talks about some sweet games and Zach is still sucked into the pits of NBA 2k15.

Items Discussed This Week:

PAX Prime Tickets Aquired
PAX Prime Tickets Aquired
Hohokum or (Hulk Hogan) lol
PAX Prime Tickets Aquired
We’re Alive
Can your Pet!
Can your Pet!

Tasty Brews Of The Week:

Zach – 10 Barrel Brewing Apocalypse IPA 

Tim – Klamath Basin Vanilla Porter


Tim –  Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Zach – OakIsland

Question Of The Week!

What Type of Dinosaur do you want to ride?

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