Nintendo Announces Championship Return

The World Series Of Gaming IS BACK

It’s been 25 years since Nintendo announced a new world champion but that’s about to change. Nintendo has officially announced on May 13th 2015 that they will be holding their second ever World Championship. The original world championship went over with much success and although Nintendo hasn’t said what to expect here is a run down of the 1990 championship to give you an idea of what it was and what it meant to the competitors.

The 90’s

In 1990 when the original World Championship was held it consisted of 3 age groups (11 and Under, 12 through 17, and 18 and over) Each age group battled it out in their nearby towns to see who would reign supreme. The Games that were played were as follows.

  1. Super Mario Bros
  2. Rad Racer
  3. Tetris

The top finalists from their area played 1 round of a game for the top 7 each of the groups top 7 battle one round and left the top 2 who went head to head to be reigned in as the CHAMPION!!!!!! But As the groups never battled each other it was sort of a mess to which age group champion ruled the Nintendo World. But Nintendo fixed that with handing out 3 world champion trophies along with the trophies each champion received $10,000 US Savings bond, a NEW 1990 GEO Metro Convertible, a 40″ rear-projection TV and most importantly the coveted Gold Mario Trophy. As there was no formal single winner after the competition ended an informal face off went down between the 3 winners and here’s how it broke down.

  1. Thor Aackerlund (12 Through 17 Champion) & (Unofficial Single World Champion)
  2. Jeff Hansen (11 and Under Champion)
  3. Robert Whiteman (18 and Over Champion)
Thor Aackerlund World Champion
Thor Aackerlund World Champion

The Aftermath

After winning it all this is what happened to the champions

 Thor Aackerlund

Thor went on to be the official spokes person for Camerica Corp in their game division at which was a direct competitor to Nintendo.

Jeff Hansen

Jeff ended up being an official representative for the United States heading to Japan to battle for the World Championship and he WON it! After finding glory in Japan there was a rematch in Las Vegas Nevada at which point he won it again against the Japanese Champion Yuichi Suyama

Jeff Hansen

Who knows nobody cares about third place.

The Return

With that little Nintendo Championship history lesson we can now only imagine what Nintendo has in store for us. Many details about the games that will be selected to what the rules will be have been kept secret to us for now, but one thing that we do know is that Nintendo is keeping with the tradition of people gathering in their hometown or nearby to battle it out locally and the top competitors will be chosen to fly out to the Nokia Theater on June 14th to battle it out for the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE!!!!! Now keeping in true Nintendo fashion they made an amazing video to announce this exciting news.

IF this video doesn’t make you laugh and get excited well then maybe I should let you know where the regional battles will be taking place so that you can head over there and try your best to 1up your gaming cred and possibly be the next Nintendo world champion. Now keeping in mind that the original titles plated in the 1990 Championship were popular of the day I can only imagine that Nintendo will be keeping with their current hits and possibly digging deep into their archive to pull out a classic or two from their vaults.

When and Where?

On May 30th 2015 head over to your local Best Buy locations to try your best to out do all your competitors to become the champion!

The Conclusion

With this exciting news coming from Nintendo and some of the amazing titles to come that we know of like Zelda WiiU and many many more this could be the breath of fresh air that Nintendo needs to be not only relevant BUT competitive in this day and age of gaming once again. With the rise of competitive gaming like Dota 2 and League of Legends being broadcast on ESPN and Blizzards Hero of the Storm also recently being broadcast on ESPN I can’t wait to see if any major networks pick up the Championship as well.

Stay tuned for updated news releases on this and other industry news!

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