Plug and Play Ep. 37 – Stealing Arnold’s Oranges


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What To Expect In This Episode:

This week we discover how come Tim was disconnected last week, We talk six flags and Tim stealing Oranges from the Capital Building in California and how Arnold Schwarzenegger is a senior citizen.  We start a all out war with the Hosts over at the ButtonSmashers Podcast. Well NOT really a war, MAINLY just giving Q a ton of shit like Zach always does. Zach vowes to start more wars between the BSP hosts again and Tim tries changing the subject to video games BUT who knows what Zach may say later on in the podcast.

Tasty Brews Of The Week:

Tim – High Water Brewing Campfire Stout

Zach – Lompoc C-Note


Tim – Boss Monster: The Next Level

Zach – Little Devil Inside

Question Of The Week!

IF you could live any any video game realm OR world which one would you choose and why?

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