Plug and Play Ep. 36 – Zach caught a Kikachu


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What To Expect In This Episode:

In this weeks Episode Tim for some reason didn’t connect So Zach found a fill in by the name of Kikachu aka the famous Kiki from the SnowCast Podcast. The first part we spend a bit of time getting to know Kiki and check in with each of our weeks. Zach talks about cleaning up the outside of the house before classes start back up.   Kiki talks about getting a new Xboner and talks about being a awesome gamer girl and how she thinks Diablo has been over hyped, and we talk a bit about how she is really into Dying Light currently. They talk about the Fable series and their shared love for it along with discussing and Kiki giggling hilariously over other great topics and subjects that arise!

Items Discussed This Week:

Dying Light

Fable Anniversary

Comparison From The Original To The Anniversary
Comparison From The Original To The Anniversary

Kiki’s Awesome Audi/Video Contribution

Tasty Brews Of The Week:

Zach – Base Camp Brewing IPL

Tim – Not On Show

Kiki – Tasty Fruit Salad


Tim –  Not On Show

Zach – HIIT Bottle

Kiki(Guest) – Not a KickIt but a Awesome Video!

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