Plug and Play Ep. 35 – Live from Caps n Taps


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What To Expect In This Episode:

In this weeks Episode which is Zach’s LAST week of spring break they head to another TapRoom called Caps n Taps and enjoy tasty treats while talking about Tims obsession of SmartWatches and his new designer 3DS “Hand” bag. Zach mentions he got Honor Roll for last quarter, Damn it Jim i’m not a Doctor i’m a Brick Layer. They discuss there recent adventures in the GameChangers event put on by the CREDC. Tim jumps on the Amiibo train and gets Toon Link. We had the pleasure of speaking Dene Grigar and Will Lewis as well! We discuss current topics on Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft especially their Halo 5 Announcment!

Items Discussed This Week:


Zach Try’s Out The Oculus Rift
Will Lewis - The BEARD!
Will Lewis – The BEARD!







Tims New SmartWatch
Tims New SmartWatch

Zach did a Twitch Stream of Episode 2 of Tales From The border Lands! If you want to watch the FULL Episode Here is the Video from the Stream!

And We discussed Halo 5 News as well!

Tasty Brews Of The Week:

Caps n Taps – Camas Washington!



Tim – None This Week

Zach – None This Week

Question Of The Week!

Do you have a right of Passage game that your Children OR future Children HAVE to Play?

Our Answers
Tim – Atari


Zach – The Original Mario


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