Plug and Play Ep.32 – Robot Pancakes


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What To Expect In This Episode:

In This Episode we talk about Zach’s crazy coding schedule. Apparently there are a lot of bugs in the coding game. Tim talks about his continued adventure in Pokemon and leveling up enough to take on the first gym leader. Tim learns the first rule of the Pokemon club “You don’t talk about the Pokemon Club” He also played Valiant Hearts and we discuss his fears of something monumental coming towards the end. We discuss the Apple watch and discuss how a fan of the show created a Xbox One server dedicated to our site!

Items Discussed This Week:

Valiant Hearts

Week End Game Cycle


PSN Premieres “Powers” 1st season FREE for all PS+ Subscribers!

Fan Made and Ran BF4 Xbox One Server!

Tasty Brews Of The Week:

Tim – Oakshire Watershed IPA

Zach – Double Mountain Hop Lava


Tim – Pancake Bot!

Zach – GameTee

Question Of The Week!

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