The Legend Of… The End Of A Legend Ep.30


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What To Expect In This Episode:

In This weeks episode we talk about Tim still being sick and a medicated thought process that led to a EPIC Vine video that you can find below in the items discussed this week. We discussed PAX Prime 2014 again and our experience with a game called “The Evil Within“. He had a Hands of Fate discussion which was another title from PAX that Tim just got his hands on! 100% Orange juice was discussed once again as Tim got it and started playing with us! We discuss our steam libraries and how many hours it would take us to complete them without stopping thanks to, and we talk about GTAV being pushed back AGAIN for PC. And the Dissappointment that surrounded The Order: 1886 which again was tested at PAX Prime ’14.

Items Discussed This Week

Tims strange named devices vine video

The Fan made Gritty Short Video

Hands of Fate is Available on all Current Gen Consoles and PC of Course!

Tim got came in touch with his Evil Within and used the Awesome PAX Prime custom sleeve


100% Orange Juice

And Don’t forget to check your time left in your Steam Library at SteamLeftsteamleft-stats

 Meta Knight Amiibo

Tasty Brews Of The Week:

Tim – Alameda Yellow Wolf Imperial IPA

Zach – Pendleton Whiskey 


Tim – Pebble Time SmartWatch

Zach – Run & Roll It

Question Of The Week!

We’ve all bought that game (or 10) on STEAM during a sale that “we’ll get to eventually”. shows you how many hours it would take to finish all the games in your STEAM library.

How big is your backlog of shame?

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