The Legend Of… Seer Of The OrigiBot Ep. 29


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What To Expect In This Episode:

In this episode we talk about our week so far, and of a certain title that had a midnight release this past week! Of course the title we are talking about is a remake of a N64 classic title called Majora’s Mask, if you haven’t heard of it before then your childhood was robbed. Besides all our Majora’s Mask 3ds talk we also discussed the Walking Dead episode that air’d last Sunday, Tim’s shortest anniversary EVER, and the NBA all-stars game. We announced the winner of our giveaway (Telltale’s Game of Thrones for the PS4) Congrats To Cassie Long! We talked for a brief second on our tasty brews that you can see below and of course we Kicked it with Origibot and SEER (find more about those two kick’s below as well!) We Covered Gaming news of the week including The Order 1886, Sony failing to renew the last guardian trademark, Zelda WiiU supposedly able to max out the console and finally OceanHorn which looks like a Zelda inspired PC game!

Items Discussed This Week

The Leatherman Tread

3ds Midnight Release
Midnight 3ds Release along with Majora’s Mask


The Walking Dead – TV Show

WE Also Selected Our Game Of Thrones A TellTale Series PS4 Code Winner!

Tasty Brews Of The Week:

Blue Moon Summer Honey Wheat

Hop Valley Alpha Centauri IPA


OrigiBot – The Bot with 1 Arm that can do limited things!

SEER – The AR Helmet to make you the next IronMan!

And we talked about OceanHorn Remastered

There is your run down Tune in next week for more news, reviews, and tasty brews!

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