Will Nintendo Allow Netflix to Release Zelda?

Zelda Live Action

One of Nintendo’s most popular titles “The Legend of Zelda” is being whispered to be in the works for popular streaming service NetFlix. The Streaming service is rumored to be in the early stages and is supposed to be a Live Action Series. If you aren’t familiar with the title it’s about a young boy (usually that’s how it starts) who finds out he must rescue all Hyrule (the world and land they live in) all the while he is trying to save the Princess (Zelda) from the evil lord (Ganon). Netflix is quoted on calling it a “Family friendly Game of Thrones”.

Netflix is supposedly working VERY closely with Nintendo which has put out roughly 20 games in the series since it’s launch in 1987. Nintendo has been very protective of it’s exclusive content in the past and has in the past shut down other fan films, BUT in 1989 they did allow one season of an animated series in 1989.

Netflix is still apparently series writers and still has a long way to go before this is a true reality, And it is still a possibility that Nintendo will strike again and pull the plug.

Only time will tell where this ends up.


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