Why Doesn’t Origin Care About Their Consumers?

So let me Start off by saying I never have had such a horrendous experience with ANY “customer service” in my entire life. But let me clarify the company i’m talking about which is Origin also known as EA (Electronic Art). This all started this morning 5/23/2014 when i woke up from a goodnights sleep btw I had an itch to try a new FPS and after debating on either to stay with BattleField or switch to CoD I decided I would stick with BattleField like I’ve done in the past, so i set out to find BF4 (which i beta tested and knew of all the issues and bugs and SWORE i would never purchase, but after hearing they FINALLY remedied their problem I got past that). I turned on my PC and googled Battlefield 4 Origin this is the Link that followed
“https://www.origin.com/en-us/store/buy/battlefield-4”  Now as you can see (unless they’ve fixed it and you’ll be able to see in the pic’s below)that the special deluxe edition is 40% off and priced at $35.99 and the Standard edition is $29.99.

battlefield4 pricing issue

But upon clicking add to cart I was meet with a Terrible fate the price changed from the Sale Price Origin Guaranteed me to the full blow retail pricing.

price increase


So i decided that I would contact Origin (EA) and let them know so they could work with me to get the pricing they promised. After spending roughly an hour with the FIRST “customer support agent” she informed me that she would need to consult her supervisors, BUT reassured me that they would make it right and gave me a 15% off coupon towards battlefield 4, SO SHE SAID. Roughly 5 minutes later I received an email plainly stating they closed my case and they never gave me a reason for not honoring their price. Upon getting this email that explained no reason for why they wouldn’t honor their own legitimate website typo i figured i’d use the 15% on BF4 but upon entering the code it informed me it was ONLY good on games released within the month.   SO i decided to re-open my case and try another “customer support agent” BELOW is the Images of what the Second “Customer Support Agent” had to say.




As you can see they DON’T deny that this is on there website AND they also promised to remedy this issue with a credit BUT the time between the promise and him telling me he wouldn’t be providing me with a refund or a credit was so long a normal trusting customer would of purchased it and been screwed.  AGAIN they offered the useless 15% that can only be applied to products a month old or newer (apparently).

After dealing with and getting no where AGAIN (shocker shocker) with my 2nd “customer support agent” i decided to take to YouTube and record a little video with my Bro Hesser showing you the site and the pricing i was offered and how it shows the pricing until you go to checkout. Please give it a view and a comment and share it as well to spread the word.

Now I wouldn’t be so upset if they would of just offered a decent discount to start with BUT honestly a company so large and so known should have procedures setup to take care of these sort of things before they turn into fires that can snowball out of control.

Honestly the point of this article is not to get Origin (EA) to give me a free copy or even honor the pricing I honestly don’t know if i’d even want there game at this point. The point of this article is to inform other consumers AND to inform Origin (EA) that we won’t stand for this without writing an article OR taking to some sort of social media.

15 thoughts on “Why Doesn’t Origin Care About Their Consumers?

  1. That’s shocking. The very least they can do is acknowledge their mistake and honour the price they offered you in the first place.

  2. And this is why I don’t have Origin installed, nor will I purchase any game through Origin.

    EA and it’s practices are a cancer to the video game industry, a cancer that needs to die off.

  3. I have Origin installed and the only reason I did was to check out Deadspace 1 as someone informed me it was free. Sadly, can’t play it on this dinosaur of a computer, but that aside I’ve never really had anything to do with EA. I try to be impartial, even with companies like that, but let’s say I’ve seen some pretty interesting screenshots of private message sessions and forum posts that users on the BioWare forums took to prove the customer support is shit.

      • Steam customer service dosent exist. Longest wait time i’ve had for them is 3 weeks, 3 weeks to get a copy paste answer from the FAQ, and then another 2 week wait to get to the next level of support. Steam dosen’t give a shit about it’s customers and never has. That is why they still refuse to introduce a refund policy.

        Something that EA atleast does.

        GMG are just as bad, they’ll try everything under the sun upto and including lying to you, to stop you getting a refund, even on pre-orders.

        • That’s a shit service no doubt but I’ve never had to return before but when I have needed there support it was with 24hrs which is what I consider the max for good service. But in all honesty all three are crooks they know they are the only ones out there and don’t have to be good at anything to rake in the money

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