Legendary Tony Hawk Underground Review

underground-review-235x300Title: Tony hawk’s Underground
Publisher: Activision
Language: English
Format: PS2
Type: Single Player
Genre: Sports, adventure, platformer



This Game is ¬†where the Tony Hawk Series re-interested me in previous Tony Hawk games it was all check lists. After a while the Tony Hawk series seemed to be in an endless loop but with the introduction of Underground it seemed to be revived right off the bat with a new plot line. It’s also the first Hawk game where you can step off your board. Along with that you could jump and climb up ledges and slide across certain area’s along with climbing ladders.

Upon starting the game you are just an average skater trying to make it big. After diving into the gameplay you learn that none other than Chad Muska was in town to record a video for his crew. Upon trying to get his attention you happen to pull off a few moves infront of his SUV and he notices the rag tag board you’ve been riding. At which point he gives you his and tells you to keep at it and he believe you’ll make it somewhere.



After receiving the new board you and your buddy head out to record your own demo to make it big. Upon doing this you both get picked up by a hippy by the name of Peralta sound familiar? Well it should, because Stacy Peralta is a LEGEND anyways i digress. Peralta lends you his van and you and your buddy head out to the Tampa A.M. and upon reaching the competition your entry paperwork somehow “gets lost” and never turned in. Upon this news it’s your job to get into the comp. After impressing a guy by the name of Tony Hawk and telling him of your sponsor he pulls a few strings for you.


After which you’re picked up by a company of your choosing. No matter what team you choose you it all ends the same. But no worries your buddy gets picked up as well eventually. Just in time to head to Hawaii for the team demo shoot.

Upon finding a roof and a helicopter your buddy thinks you should shoot off the roof and do a mctwist between the blade of the helicopter. Upon doing so he thinks you’ll be a huge star not only in the team but of the world. So he agree’s to film it for you.



While filming in Hawaii you set out to go to the Demo premiere and upon arriving at the premiere you find out just like at the Tampa A.M. somehow the AWESOME footage you shot got altered and it shows your buddy landing a mctwist between to chopper blades. This results in your skater quitting the Team and heading home to meet up with your original Sponsor Stacy Peralta.



After speaking with peralta and discussing with him about how you just wanna skate for fun and enjoy it while you can. You two set out to start your own team and recruit other pro’s. Doing this you travel the world competing in competitions against your once buddy Eric.



After beating Eric one last time you head home to relax and regroup and none other than your old buddy eric is coming home to check out the place where it all started. He challenges you to one final battle for the rights to the original film of the Mctwist.

All together I really enjoyed the game and it was an interesting plot. Replay value is great every few years but it’s not a game you can just pick up and continually play unless its just for free skating, but even that is decent at best. After a while I realized there are better Skateboarding games out there now, but for the price it is for sure something i would purchase again if i hadn’t played it before or just wanted to rekindle the spark i had with the Tony Hawk franchise before it got to redundant.