Legendary Initial Nintendo WII U Review (Legend of Zelda Limited Edition Console)

darklegendHey! Thanks for Reading my article I am The Dark Legend. The newest (at this time) Button Smashers Editor! I am very excited to be here. I have been actually writing articles for a year or so, as well i’m going to be live Streaming and running a YouTube. So let me formally introduce myself and explain WHO and HOW I became who i am. (Sorry it’s very lengthy) After read my review for my LoZ WiiU console Review.

“It all happened when he was just 5 or 6 he received his first gameboy (the original gameboy) playing Tetris and Mario. On that day his future was shifted. He started playing everyday burning through the batteries. Then came the gameboy color and with it Pokemon and he set out on a quest to collect them all. Collecting red first them soon after blue then once he collected them he achieved the unthinkable he received yellow. Having Pikachu follow him was such a step in the Pokemon world. With his gameboy color he received a new game console he never thought he could have, the N64 which he had got a taste of from his cousin the Warp3d one. Along with the taste the Warp3d one also instilled a life passion to save Hyrule, so it was only appropriate that once he had his own N64 he set out on his own story into Hyrule. As he explored the fields of Hyrule mingled with the people of this magical land. He fell more and more in love with the history and music and grew closer and closer to the plot.  At this same time he grew so knowledgeable in this game many if not all of his friends asked him when they needed help especially in the water temple.

Many times his fellow Zelda junkies would ask him to stay the night and beat the water temple for them. So much that he grew to love the “most hated” temple of OoT. Then once again before the great console switch of 2001 he set out to save the world again from a falling moon. He was once again doomed to fall in love with the series all over again. Then came The Cube the GameCube that is, AGAIN Hyrule was in need, but this time a twist Epona would not be his trusty stead, but a dragon boat. As he set out on shaky waters not to sure of this huge change in not only story but in graphic design as well. He grew closer and closer to finding out the cause for Hyrule flooding. Taking pictures and making tiny figurines of the people. He once again had to collect them all.

The Cube, the GameCube
The Cube, the GameCube

Now not to over shadow Hyrule and the love and connection he has with its people, he found Tony Hawk pro skateboarding, and he set out to beat them all and become the best skater out there. In underground he was excited once he got a shot to pick a team and have a fellow skate team to ride with, but then came the great game exchange of 2002 or 2003 the date has been lost in time. He had reached all his goals with the current Nintendo system with no Zelda releases in sight. He switched while trading in all games (besides Zelda of course) and with a little birthday money and help from Grandma he had received a PS2 which called to him in his dreams, speaking of unreal graphics and intense games. He grabbed his controller and wrestled his way to the main event in WrestleMania while laying the smack down on each opponent and leaving them raw on the mat. Then in 2004 he got behind the wheel and felt the need for speed and swirved through the streets dominating anyone who challenged him. Then came the switch that started him down the road of Knight Hood and ultimately to become the Legend of Darkness.

The raise of the Darklegend

The year is fuzzy and may be lost forever but it was between 2004 and late 2006. It was during this time Warp3d introduced him to custom computers and online gaming something never heard of to him on consoles. As he sat and watched unreal tournament and experienced the amazing breathtaking graphics and high speed intense gameplay he was in awe. As time went on and things progressed he couldn’t get the itch for online gaming out of his head. The Warp3d one offered to let him have the PC once he made a new. He was about to meet a terribly gametastic fate. Once he received this computer of legendary status he was also introduced to battlefield 2142 on which he would become Darky because he was a medic and when it went dark he shocked you back to life, but as time online and strategy progressed in his head, he wrapped his mind around the concepts and competition. He grew, and not only did he revive, he would make his opponents go dark. So before to long he asked Warp3d what his gamer name should be. And with a long car ride Warp3d decided he should be a legend and not only that but a Dark Legend. And so the story goes. Now with this new found name. He also found a clan. [ACEZ] and as he played and vented with his comrades he grew within the clan to become a full pledged member and he saw many come and go. He now is a legend inside the clan and though they don’t have a server they still rekindle times gone by and battles fought hard from time to time.

Then roughly around 2008 all things shifted once again. As he was growing older and graduating he once again found the console the next year introduced the Wii and the Xbox 360. Again he grabbed the master sword and vanquished Ganon from Hyrule.  Time went on and he was reminded of skating and the goal to be the best. So he grabbed SKATE and took it online dominating the competition.


After dominating the competition he decided it was time to get on some MMO and see what all the buzz was all about. And so the page turned and he started a new chapter that would lead to meeting of a Knightly Brother. Upon deciding to try out MMO’s he researched many and tried a few the 4th Coming, City of Hero’s, Maple Story, along with a few others. But upon deciding none of these were “worth” playing he decided to see what all the hype on WoW was about. He started a female Blood Elf named DarkLegendness, Upon hitting level 20 he didn’t have enough for a mount and ran into a Tauren named Taurig who offered to pay for it and invited him to his Guild “Unholy Empire” He had to think about it. Making a guild choice is a big deal especially when you only just started. But as he ran with Taurig and learned of the Guild and leveled up and got to know the world and how it worked. He decided it would be a good idea to join the forces of the Unholy Empire. Once he joined the Guild he grew quickly up the ranks with Taurig at his back he slowly worked up the ranks of the Unholy Empire and after many hours playing and getting to know the Guild members he got to the inner circle where he Officially met and conversed with the Guild Master “Hesser” after many hours talking and conversing with Hesser his trusty friend Taurig was called over sea’s to fight in a war and that was the last the Legend heard of Taurig.

With this the consoles were releasing new exciting games. And the Legend received the holy grail of games for Christmas that year “The Elder Scrolls – Skyrim”. He had played and loved Morrowind and all it’s DLC’s, as well as Oblivion and it’s DLC’s. So Chapter of MMO’s closed and the Age of Skyrim reigned in heavily. During the years of Skyrim he has spent he has beat the main plot more than a hand full of times. Has found a ton of Secrets and glitches hidden cheats and of course Slayed Dragons. It was like it rekindled a piece of his love for hyrule learning the lore and history. Deciding the Jarl Ulfric shouldn’t be high king and destroying the StormCloaks. While killing the first dragon born and vanquishing all the Vampires.

And that my friends is just a small run down of who I am and how I came to be the Dark Legend. I have omitted many parts and many more games I have played for the sake of length.”

Wii U Review on the next page…….

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    • Correct. I am sorta picky that way. Let me explain. The GameCube was great had Zelda games Mario kart double dash and Many other eye catching games. I feel as though the Wii just sorta dropped that I feel they tried to reclaim it at the end. But I am excited with the games that are out and will be coming out for the Wii U

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